13 October 2014

Website changes

After a good long think, I've decided to say goodbye to my website and blog. Posts were sporadic at best and as I'm not painting as much as I used to these days, I'm going to let it go. 

If you do still want to follow my work I will still have a Facebook page - Ria Hill Paintings and Prints - that you can 'Like' that I will intermittently update, as and when I've felt the creative nudey juices flow! 


Thanks to those of you that have kept up to date with my posts since I started the blog, maybe see you on the FB page sometime. 
Ria x

25 August 2014

Rudie Red opening night from 2007

Remember when I used to use that name? Oh I have a big laser cut sign of my logo somewhere.... I'm just reminiscing about an exhibition we put on of my work, about this time 7 years ago. Back when I first ever started my venture into the art world. And I had a lot of support from a handful of people who helped me to achieve it. Here's a couple of photos from the private view night, we had such a laugh and it started a really exciting month in London that would really kick start things in my life in many ways.


22 August 2014

A familiar face

Here's a face you may recognise as I have painted this one before. She's actually one of my favourites so I couldn't stop myself from having another go. I first painted her as part of the LUXE collection a few years ago, that painting really captured the mood I was trying to achieve with LUXE, seriously sexual, dark, moody and full of mystery.

Round two and I think my girl fits so well into my floral theme. I've gone for huge blooms of papery peonies for the head dress.