22 August 2014

A familiar face

Here's a face you may recognise as I have painted this one before. She's actually one of my favourites so I couldn't stop myself from having another go. I first painted her as part of the LUXE collection a few years ago, that painting really captured the mood I was trying to achieve with LUXE, seriously sexual, dark, moody and full of mystery.

Round two and I think my girl fits so well into my floral theme. I've gone for huge blooms of papery peonies for the head dress.

18 August 2014

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New work

Hi there,

I've been working on some new paintings this summer, here's a few for your eyes... or a right big floral smack to the face. These will be available to buy very soon.


05 August 2014


I've been pretty busy working on a new collection, I've 5 new paintings so far and just starting on the next one.... She's not exactly a looker yet!