04 June 2014

Loughborough is number 1!

It was nice to open my work emails today to find out the University I work at has ranked #1 for institutions with a a fashion or textile course. Absolutely brilliant!!

This fantastic news is like a giant pat on the back for us who work so hard on our Textiles ID course and comes at the perfect time to showcase all the students hard efforts as the degree show starts on the 7th June. 

22 May 2014

The Sunshine Underground

I had the pleasure of working with Leeds
based band The Sunshine Underground last week, printing some limited edition screen prints of their album cover. The original art work, a painting of the three members of the band jiggled up into one mega man, was painted by a super talented artist called Jamie Avis. I've used his image for the screen print design, which is an A4 two colour print. These were then sent out to the TSU fans who purchased the print when they preordered the bands 3rd album.

I was super happy with how the print worked out, each one being slightly different to the next. Half in red and blue, the other half in green and blue, which was a reflection of the colours used in the original painting. Although there were so many to choose from it was quite difficult to decide. 

And of course, an absolute delight to have worked for one of my favourite bands! If you haven't already bought the album, go do it here 


If you want to find out more about Jamie Avis then go here

26 March 2014

More Hub stuff

A little while ago now I started a series of tests to master screen printing on to hard surfaces; different types of wood, veneers, plastics and also some papers. It was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed this mini project as it's been highly beneficial for our students who are bringing in all different types of stuff now, scaffolding planks, disassembled pieces of furniture, plastic that has been laser cut etc etc. which is great. 

What's quite interesting is using our textile binders on the surfaces, so in these photos you can see a product called Expandtex, a puff binder that reacts to heat, printed onto ply and a nice dark veneer. 

Next on the Hub agenda is to get the tables recovered so testing is on hold for a while.